The following is a selection of my publications, conferences, public speaking, and other service, which hopefully demonstrates the range of my research and interests.


Book Chapters and Articles

Forthcoming: “The Cult of Kolumkilli in Medieval Scandinavia,” Studia Celtica Fennica

Forthcoming: “Cultural and Political Identity in the Hagiography of Gaelic Ireland,” in Simon Egan (ed.), Beyond the Pale and Highland Line: New Narratives in Archipelagic History 1300-1610

“‘I am the lion destroying cattle, I am the bear for courage’: An Examination of Betha Naile,” Quaestio insularis: selected proceedings of the Cambridge Colloquium in Anglo-Saxon, Norse, and Celtic 21 (2020): 48-62.

Book Reviews

Review of Adomnan’s Lex Innocentium and the laws of war by James A. Houlihan, North American Journal of Celtic Studies 5, no. 1 (2021): 128-30. doi:10.1353/cel.2021.0002.

Conference Presentations

“Voyaging Saints from Ireland to Scandinavia: Columba and Brendan the Navigator.” Leeds International Medieval Congress. Session 1129: Borderless Sainthood in Medieval Nordic Hagiography II: Sources. 6 July 2022. University of Leeds. 

An peist ba gránna coluinn: Hagiographical Legends of the Loch Ness Monster.” 35th Irish Conference of Medievalists. 30 June-2 July 2022. Queen’s University Belfast.

“The Redemption of Eithne Úathach.” Medieval and Early Modern Student Association Seminar Series (MEMSA). 23 May 2022. Durham University.

“Sanctus ex machina: Colum Cille in the Lives of Other Saints.” Ì Chaluim Chille: Columba and Iona: An Interdisciplinary Conference. 9-11 December 2021. University of Glasgow, online. 

“Attacked by Demons and Stung By Bees, Baithéne’s Saintly Afterlife.” 34th Irish Conference of Medievalists. 24-26th June 2021. Queen’s University Belfast, online. 

“What a Medieval Muddle!” – The Re-adaption of Motifs in Later Irish Hagiography.” American Conference for Irish Studies. 2-5 June 2021. Ulster University, online. 

“Kollumkilli or Kolbjørn? The Norse Cult to Columba in Medieval Scandinavia.” Learning and Scholarship in Medieval Northwestern Europe. 15-16 April 2021. Ulster University, online. 

“Whose Life is it Anyway? – Some Thoughts on Betha Farannáin.” Annual Celtic Studies Association of North America (Virtual) Meeting. 8-11 April 2021. Virginia Tech, online.

“Colm Cille and Cultural Identity in the Hagiography of Gaelic Ireland.” Beyond the Pale and Highland Line: New Narratives in Archipelagic History 1300-1610, 13-14 July 2020. University of Glasgow, online.

“I am a lion destroying cattle, I am a bear for courage: An Examination of Betha Naile.” Cambridge Colloquium in Anglo-Saxon, Norse, and Celtic, 8 February 2020, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, England.

“Bhí se an-fhurast fearg a chur air: Colm Cille’s Short Temper in Irish and Gaelic Folklore.” XVII International Congress of Celtic Studies, 22-26 July 2019. Bangor University, Bangor, Wales.

“In Colm Cille’s Footsteps: Following Lesser Known Irish Saints from Donegal to Iona.” 32nd Irish Conference of Medievalists, 28-30 June 2018. University College Cork, Cork, Ireland.

“Becoming Christ, Tormenting Saints: Cú Chulainn and Arthur in a Christian Context.” Ulidia VI/Fíanaigecht III, 13-17 June 2018. Sabhal Mòr Ostaig, Isle of Skye, Scotland.

“Adomnán ó doforfoirfí, a mná!: An Analysis and Contextualization of Some Legal Clauses in Cáin Adomnáin.” 40th UC Celtic Studies Conference/Annual Celtic Studies Association of North America Meeting, 8-11 March, 2018. UCLA, Los Angeles, California.

“St. Adomnán, Iona, and the Political Nature of Cáin Adomnáin.” 52nd International Congress on Medieval Studies, 11-14 May 2017. Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, Michigan.

“Aspects of Irish Hagiography in Cáin Adomnáin.” Celtic Studies Association of North America Annual Meeting, 27-30 April 2017. Vancouver Welsh Society, Vancouver, British Columbia.

“Judgment and Misjudgment: The Ulster Cycle and its Role in Early Irish Legal Narrative.” Harvard Celtic Colloquium, 9-11 October 2015. Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Departmental Talks

“The Redemption of Eithe Úathach: from Cannibal to the Mother of a Saint,” Ulster University, Modern Languages and Linguistics PhD Seminar (online), 14 April 2022.

“The Hagiographical and Pseudo-Historical Stucture of Betha Naile,” Ulster University Celtic Studies (online) Research Seminar, 6 May 2020.

Conference Organisation

Social Media, 17th International Symposium of Societas Celtologica Nordica, 12-14 May 2022, Uppsala University.

Learning and Scholarship in Medieval Northwestern Europe, 15-16 April 2021, Online via Zoom. With Dubhán Ó Longáin and Dr Maxim Fomin. Ulster University (Magee). 

Volunteer, 2017 Annual Meeting of the Medieval Academy of America, April 6–8 2017, University of Toronto.

Administration, Graduate Student Workshop on Medieval Manuscripts, 2017 Annual
Meeting of the Medieval Academy of America, April 5–6, 9, 2017, University of Toronto.

Digital Projects

Translator for Léamh – Learn Early Modern Irish, April 2021 to present.

The Image du Monde Challenge – accessible transcriptions of the 13th century Image du Monde, by Gossuin (or Gautier) du Metzin. January 2021.